The Blue Star Award

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The Blue Star Award is a certification and award program established in 2010 that offers municipalities that excel in stormwater management the positive public recognition that they deserve.

Blue Star Award-winning communities are those that are taking a leadership role in protecting Minnesota’s water resources and public health through excellence in stormwater management.

Communities conduct self-assessments on a wide range of policies and practices in three core areas:

  • Water Friendly Planning & Preservation
  • Stormwater Management Standards & Practices
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Cities that score high enough earn the Blue Star Award and receive well-earned positive public recognition for their commitment helping keep Minnesota’s waters clean.

By offering a recognizable public incentive for strengthening municipal stormwater management performance, the Blue Star Award can help cities overcome the obstacles to protecting our water resources through better stormwater management.

To learn more about the Blue Star Program Assessment, visit our About page.

To register and begin your community self-assessment, please visit our Register page.

Connection with the MPCA’s GreenStep Program

The MPCA’s GreenStep Program offers cities an opportunity to conduct self-assessments on a broad range of environmental sustainability indicators. Cities that achieve a high score will be officially recognized by the State as “GreenStep” cities through the MPCA’s sustainable communities program.

The GreenStep Program incorporates the Blue Star Assessment as one of GreenStep’s municipal stormwater management assessment methodologies. Click here to learn more about the GreenStep Cities Program.