How To Use Magic Extra Strength Shaving Powder

How To Use Magic Extra Strength Shaving Powder. Leave it for 5 minutes. #1 best seller in men's shaving creams.

Magic Extra Strength Shaving Powder 5oz
Magic Extra Strength Shaving Powder 5oz from

Do not wash off with soap. Do not use a razor. Free shipping on orders over $25.00.

Below Is Some Instructions Of How To Mix And Use The Magic (Extra Strength) Shaving Powder.

Wait at least 36 hours after using a razor or depilatory product before doing this test. Moisten the beard if necessary. Place 2 overflowing teaspoons of magic shave shaving powder into a small nonmetal bowl.

Shaving Powder Is A Depilatory That You Can Use As An Alternative Solution To A Razor.

When and how should you use magic shave powder. Remoisten if the mixture dries. Do not wash off with soap.

You Can Use It To Remove Unwanted Hair By Applying A Paste Of It.

Mix shave powder (.5 to 2 tsp) with equal amounts of water. Magic shaving powder is a hair removal powder that is used as a paste by mixing it with water. Rinse shaving area thoroughly with water.

Using The Magic Shaving Powder Is Not That Easy.

Combine this powder with water into a paste, apply to the hair, wait for four to ten minutes, and wipe away for smooth, clear skin. Below is some instructions of how to mix and use the magic (extra strength) shaving powder. Divide your hair beard into sections.

Magic Shaving Powder Red Extra Strength 5 Oz (Pack Of 3) 4.0 Out Of 5 Stars.

If there are no signs of irritation or redness, you can go ahead and then follow directions for use. Mix with a plastic spoon or other nonmetal utensil until a creamy paste forms. No shaving with a razor.

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