How To Set Up A Guitar For Slide

How To Set Up A Guitar For Slide. Woolbrig, jan 12, 2011 #1. Is there anything special i need to do to make the setup optimal for slide?

Guitar setup how to set up a guitar for slide MusicRadar
Guitar setup how to set up a guitar for slide MusicRadar from

Mail me if you need more ideas. When it comes to setting it up, make sure that it isn't so high it scrapes your fingers. This tutorial is for gibson style guitars.

How To Set Up Guitars For Slide Playing (Raising The Action) Watch Later.

Your strings are most likely set up in a ‘radius’ that follows the fretboard. Use your fingers and thumb on your right hand to both pluck and mute strings. Most guitars don’t arrive ready for slide straight from the factory, and there are two main things to consider when setting up your guitar for slide.

I Did Flatten The Radius A Bit But These Are Fender Guitars With Individual Saddles.

Open tunings for slide guitars are e, d, g, and a, which are the most common tunings. I have never really used strats for. The first step in learning how to play slide guitar?

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Woolbrig, jan 12, 2011 #1. This means the middle strings are higher off the guitar body than the outside strings (although not higher off the frets because the fretboard is radiused). Tune the guitar to pitch.

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I string both with medium gauge strings with a wound g string and a.012 e string. You should hear the signature sound of a slide guitar. In part 1 of 3, jeff massey of steepwater band breaks.

To Do This, First Make Sure Your Guitar Is In Open G, Open D, Or Another Open Tuning.

Tune the guitar to pitch. A short video explaining how to set up your guitar better for slide playing including raising the action and choosing the string gauge, i hope you find it he. There are no rules and you can do the opposite.

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