How To Measure A Box Bay Window For Blinds

How To Measure A Box Bay Window For Blinds. Measure between the marks to get the measurement of the middle window. Measuring for window treatments in general can be scary.measuring the width for angled bay window blinds.metal tape measure, pencil, ruler, 2 pieces of card or paper with square edges 1) make a note of the rail depth based on the slat size of the blind you are ordering 25mm slat blinds have a rail depth of 30mm 2) decide the layout of your blinds

How To Measure A Box Bay Window For Blinds CrookCounty
How To Measure A Box Bay Window For Blinds CrookCounty from

Place them in the corner of your bay window angle until they meet. Measure in the same way for each side of your bay window and write them down. Points to consider when choosing blinds for box bays

Measure All The Windows As Above, Apart From The Last Window Each Side Of The Bay Which Finishes With The Wall.

Our handy guide makes measuring for your square, box or angled bay window blinds simple, but as always, get in touch should you have any queries. Points to consider when choosing blinds for box bays To measure for the front blind all you do is measure the full width of the bay from side to side and order this blind as ‘recessed fitting’.

For Your Curtains To Cover All 3 Sides Inside Your Bay Window Measure The Width Above The Left, Middle And Right Sides Of Your Bay Window From Corner To Corner.

(in my case, these were 50mm wide). Bay windows are a wonderful addition to a room, but they can seem a little challenging when it comes to adding a blind.with so many types of window blinds available, and some pretty nifty measuring action required, you could be tempted to settle for curtains instead. You will need your total depth measurement to accurately measure the width of your angled bay window blinds in the steps to follow.

Repeat Steps 4 & 5 For All The Angles Of Your Bay Window.

This will help you determine the most accurate measurement. Once you've cut your two strips of paper. Measuring when measuring, first of all take the measurements directly into the corners of the bay for both the front and the side blinds.

When You Measure, Always Use A Steel Tape To Measure Down To The Nearest 1/8Th Inch.

For the widths of the side blinds, reduce the corner to corner measurement by 45mm. Begin at the outer edge of the left side and measure into the corner (where your walls meet) and write it down. Some customers are daunted by the prospect of measuring windows for shutters, but in truth it’s very simple.

Starting From Each Mark In The Center Corners Of The Middle Window, Measure The Width Of The Window To The Right And Then Out To The End Of The Window On The Left.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each corner of your bay window. Measure each side from the last mark you made with the templates to the start of the wall. Take note of your total depth.

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