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Communities that wish to participate in the Blue Star Award Program must register through the Blue Star website. Registration is required to ensure eligibility requirements are satisfied before beginning the Blue Star Program.

Only communities themselves, or organizations formally designated to represent a community may register. Once your registration is submitted, you will be able to access your community profile on the Blue Star Program website. From there, you can log in and log out at your leisure — allowing you to conduct the assessment at your own pace.

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  4. Data Sharing Preferences

    The Blue Star Program is designed to recognize communities that are achieving excellence in stormwater management. As such, the Blue Star Program will list all award recipients on this website.

    However, there are additional information sharing options available to your community – each of which is designed to help peer communities learn more about how they, too, can excel in stormwater management. Please indicate your information sharing preferences below:

    Public Information

    If a community earns a “Top 10” overall Blue Star Assessment score, we’d like to post that community’s score on the Blue Star Leaderboard. If your community scores in the “Top 10” overall, are you willing to share your Blue Star Assessment score with other communities and the public via the Blue Star Leaderboard?*

  5. Private/Internal Information

    (Information is only available to other registered communities.)

    If your community wins the Blue Star Award, are you willing to make your assessment subtotal scores (by sections and sub-part) available to peer communities that have registered on the Blue Star website? This will help your peer cities model your best practices in order to improve their performance. *

  6. Contact Information

    If your community wins the Blue Star Award, are you willing to share your contact information with other registered cities via the Blue Star Program website? This will assist your peers in learning more about how they can make improvements in their own stormwater programs?*

  7. Reminder

    Information and scores for communities that do not earn Blue Star Award are never made public or shared with peer communities.

    Community Resolution (optional)

    The Blue Star Award Program aims to provide Minnesota communities that excel in stormwater management the positive public recognition they deserve. While a city council or township board resolution is NOT required for community participation, you may feel that leadership from your city council or township board is advantageous to the process, or even necessary to successfully participate in the Blue Star Award Program.

    Below is an editable community council sample resolution with language that can be easily tailored to fit the unique situation in your community. The sample also includes a menu of optional “WHEREAS” statements that may be included in the resolution.

    Download: Resolution to Participate in the Blue Star Award Program


    I herby certify that I, the Primary Contact Person listed above, have been designated by the community indicated above to conduct the Blue Star Recognition Program’s Municipal Stormwater Management Assessment on its behalf. All information included in this assessment will be, to the very best of my knowledge, accurate and reflective of the spirit and intention of the Blue Star Program’s self-assessment protocol.*

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